Matthew Ao

I am a web developer. Hill Hacks' Co-Founder. a public speaker. an aspiring entrepreneur. an ARCT piano player. a self-taught magician.

Hey there!

I'm Matthew Ao, a student and web developer who's passionate about artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces and politics. I'm a huge proponent of universal basic income!

I like to spend my time building projects, learning about the world, and meeting interesting people. Hit me up anytime, I'd love to connect!

Matthew Ao


What I Do

Web Development

I am proficient in developing clean, elegant websites. Contact me if you want to build a site for yourself!

AI & Deep Learning

I am deepening my understanding of neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Object-Oriented Programming

I've built OOP projects in Java and Python, including platformer games, simulations and more.

Graphic Design

I have several years of experience working with graphic design using Adobe Suite, Canva, and Paint.NET.


From founding Hill Hacks to organizing two licensed TEDx events, I have a broad range of leadership experience.

Magic Performance

Yes, this is a legit skill! I love practicing magic, and I light up any room I walk into with mind-bending performances.


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Co-Founder, Hill Hacks 2020

  • Date :May, 2019 - Present
  • Skills :Entrepreneurship, leadership, event organization

Last May, I co-founded York Region District School Board’s first high school hackathon, Hill Hacks 2020. Hill Hacks will take place at Richmond Hill High School on April 3-4, 2020 and we are expecting 300+ hackers from across YRDSB. To organize the event, I am co-directing a team of 17 students split into 4 departments: Event Coordination, Marketing, Finance, and Outreach. We acquired funding from YRDSB and SHSM, and are now partnering with institutions like Shopify and Microsoft to host awesome workshops at the hackathon. We hope to see you there!

Visit Hill Hacks ⛰️

Roll N Tea Website

  • Date :October, 2019 - February, 2020
  • Skills :HTML, CSS, Javascript

In October, I walked in to Roll N Tea, my local bubble tea shop, and offered to build them a website. It was my first time ever trying something like that. The owner was impressed with my previous work, so we struck a deal immediately. I learned much more from this one experience than from any opportunity anyone could've handed me. Opportunities are literally everywhere, waiting for you to seize them.

Visit Roll N Tea 🍣

TEDxYouth@RHHS Legacy

  • Date :December 5, 2019
  • Skills :Leadership, Event Planning, Budgeting, Networking

I helped lead Richmond Hill High School's most successful TEDx event to date, TEDxYouth@RHHS Legacy. The conference took place on December 5, 2019 and attracted an audience of over a hundred students and adults from the RHHS community. Traditionally, we hold TEDx events featuring students from our school. This time, we decided to reach out to adult professionals from various industries. Our speakers were,

  • Sofiane Belgadi Angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and President of Lozard Group
  • Tom Vassos Astronomy researcher and instructor at the University of Toronto
  • Eric Ibey Speaker and workshop facilitator at The Beanstalk Project
  • Scott Ste Marie Founder of Depression to Expression and mental health speaker

My roles included acquiring a grant of $1500.00 from TakingITGlobal, acquiring and corresponding with the speakers, managing the budget, upgrading our production quality, coordinating venue layout, overseeing the event page and turnout rate, and purchasing equipment and supplies. Examples of purchases and upgrades I made include our professional wooden TEDx Letters, premium lavalier mics, and professional videographer. All photo credits go to @jesse.svg.

Event Page 🗣️

OpenMed Blockchain Technologies

  • Date :November, 2019
  • Skills :Blockchain, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MERN Stack, Video Editing

OpenMed uses blockchain technology to create a user-centric network of crowdsourced medical data, to enable patients to data ownership and security, while providing vast amounts of anonymous health data to researchers and practitioners.

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Augmentation or Irrelevance

I was invited to give a 40-minute keynote speech to 1,000 high school and university students at the annual BEST Startup Experience conference. In my talk, I confront the greatest challenges that we face in our education, economic, and political systems. I dissect what it means to be a young adult in the 21st Century, why our institutions are breaking down, and what the confluence of AI and biotech holds for our future. I explore solutions we should consider and adopt, such as universal basic income, restructuring our economic incentives, and rethinking what to teach ourselves as a generation.

Slide Deck 🎤

Ecosystem Simulator

  • Date :May, 2019
  • Skills :Java, Object-Oriented Programming

I coded an ecosystem simulator of wolves, sheep, and grass to improve my skills in object-oriented programming. When you run, the program prompts you for a set of parameter values, including the map dimensions, entity counts, entity health, hunger and mating cooldowns, and FPS. Once you've entered all the parameters, the program launches a tile-based simulation. Wolves eat sheep, sheep eat grass, and both species try to sustain themselves through reproduction.

Github Repo 🐑

American Protégé

  • Date :May, 2019
  • Skills :ARCT Piano, Dedicated Practice

I placed 2nd in the American Protégé International Piano & Strings Competition 2019 for the Intermediate Piano Category. I was evaluated on my video performance of Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G Minor op 23 no. 5. The video's linked below; go ahead and check it out! The best part about placing 2nd was that I was invited to perform in New York's renowned Carnegie Hall on May 27, 2019. That was one of the most terrifying but incredible experiences I've ever had.

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Third Eye

  • Date :May, 2019
  • Skills :Python, AI, Raspberry Pi

My friend Bryan and I built a device clipped onto glasses that detects and names objects pointed to by the wearer. It was designed specifically for young children and people with impaired vision. We won Best Machine Intelligence Hack for this project at PCHacks 2019!

Devpost 👁️

Automated Secret Service

  • Date :March, 2019
  • Skills :Java, Arduino, IoT

This is probably the funniest project I've ever worked on. My friends and I built an IoT hack that connects an accelerometer motion sensor to a program on the user's PC. The accelerometer can be attached to a door. As soon as someone opens the door, the user's browser executes a custom command, like opening a new Gmail tab. Our project won the Best Hardware Hack award at MasseyHacks 2019.

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Floppy Penguin

  • Date :July, 2018
  • Skills :Python, Object-Oriented Programming

I created a simple level-based game for fun! As a penguin, your goal is to pass each level by catching all the fish before they swim away. You must not swim outside the screen boundaries, or else you'll die. The most challenging part of creating this game was coding realistic physics from scratch. Be sure to have Python and Pygame installed if you want to try the game out. After downloading the repository, simply open "Floppy" in the IDLE editor and hit "Run Module" to start the game. I hope you enjoy!

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